Shungite is known for purification, grounding, and protection.

Think of how a water filter purifies water. This is the action that shungite offers for your auric field–filtering out emotional energies and patterns from within you and from outside you that are not serving you. Thus it is a good stone to have in your environment for every day psychic health. (This also means it needs to be cleaned and cleared regularly.)

Shungite is also a powerful grounding stone which helps anchor you in your body and strengthen and stabilize your root chakra. The combination of grounding and purifying makes it a steady and protective guide for doing deeper emotional work. As you dig into past experiences and buried emotions that make up your shadow, shungite helps transmute these energies into light energy.

The protection that shungite offers is in helping you not pick up negative energies from other people, and to be more easily able to clarify and be firm with your boundaries. Shungite helps you know what energy is “yours” and what belongs to other people and lets you release responsibility for it. Thus it makes a good stone for those in the healing professions to protect their personal energy and not take on energy from others. If you’re looking to purify and cleanse, your space or yourself, from stagnant, dark or heavy energies, shungite is an effective and powerful tool. Pair it with selenite for cleansing and release rituals, with moonstone to dive deep into your inner knowing, or with garnet to increase stamina.

Shungite Necklace

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