In the remote desert of western Egypt, near the Libyan border, lie clues to an ancient cosmic cataclysm.

Libyan desert glass is the name given to fragments of canary-yellow glass found scattered over hundreds of kilometres, between giant shifting sand dunes.


A great source for spiritual energy, the Libyan Gold Tektite is considered as a strong protective stone that contains the unique power of golden ray within it. Golden ray is a strong spiritual energy which shows significant spiritual vibration. The stone can also be used beneficially by people who often feel that their origin is not Earth but some other place in the universe. 




Interest in Libyan desert glass goes back more than 3,000 years. Among items recovered from King Tut’s burial chamber is a gold and jewel-encrusted breastplate. In the centre sits a beautiful scarab beetle, carved from Libyan desert glass.

Libyan Glass

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