Lemon Jade Qartz Bracelet


It balances mood swings, enhances the understanding of dreams, as is believed to be the bringer of good luck.


  • Is believed to be one of the most powerful healing gemstones available
  • It is used to focus thoughts and sharpen the mind
  • Is able to transmit positive energy to its wearer
  • Can clear and remove any negative energy from body
  • Filters out any unnecessary distractions of the mind
  • It amplifies thoughts and memory;

Reduces and clears all negativity and anxiety from the wearer;

Is known as an attraction or “Money Stone” – simply wearing it attracts financial prosperity;

Due to the color association with Manipura the Solar Plexus it improves the digestive system and helps reduce diabetic effect;

It is a true quartz, so a master healer. Again due to the connection with Manipura it masters physical well being and is regarded as the “anti-illness” stone;

Is known for its ability to help make clear and action based decisions;

Clear thinking and proactivity is amplified;

Source: Healthy Natured

Lemon Jade Quartz Bracelets