Colombianite: at first glance this small, brown crystals don’t look like much, but they pack a powerful vibration that’s surprisingly grounding. Colombianite connects the root with the crown and soul star chakras to help ground cosmic knowledge and downloads, so that you can integrate them into your daily life. Found only in South America, colombianite is much rarer than moldavite, and it’s been used by shamans to communicate with higher beings for centuries. Little is known about how this mysterious tektite found its way to earth, but some believe it to be an obsidian-like glass of extraterrestrial origin that formed when a meteorite hit the region about 29 million years ago. Since it’s not as well-documented as other tektites, if you feel called to worth with colombianite keep a journal of your experiences. You’d be contributing a lot to the world of crystal healing and crystal knowledge!

The long story short: colombianite is still shrouded in mystery, so keep track of your experiences if you feel called to work with this stone! Surprisingly grounding, colombianite helps you communicate with higher beings while staying present and aware of your body.

Via Happysoulonline

Colombianite Necklace