Ammonites are often used for activating Kundalini and life path energies.

It is often recommended to keep an Ammonite in your home to attract health, prosperity and success.Ammolite is a beautiful organic stone that’s formed from Aragonites inside the fossilized shells of Ammonites. You can also find Silica, Calcite, Pyrite, and many other elements present in this stone.

It’s a brilliant gemstone that appears with wonderful shades right through the spectrum. It’s usually colored red and green, and also exhibits yellow tint under ultraviolet rays. The name Ammolite is from the name of the Ancient Egyptian God Ammon, who was represented by a head of a ram with twisted horns.

The shells of prehistoric Ammonites also looked very similar to this ram’s head.

Ammolite is a stone of perfection.


The Ammonite shells are the perfect symbolism of the golden mean spiral, which is the representation of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers!


Why Would You Use Ammolite?

Perfection, wisdom, and knowledge are the three traits that are best associated with Ammolite. via Crystals & Jewelery 


Ammolite is a gem material composed of aragonite that is derived from the shells of ammonites, extinct cephalopod mollusks found in marine sediments of the Bearpaw Formation (Fm) in southern Alberta, Canada

Ammolite (Refinished)

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